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This will reserve your space at the 2021 Insider's Forum, which will be held at the Omni Nashville in Tennessee. Please note that the Omni Safe & Clean initiative follows the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and each individual Omni location will adhere to local and/or federal mandates. Protocols and guidelines from these authorities are expected to evolve, and as such, so will Omni’s processes and procedures. Similarly, these guidelines meet or exceed the “Stay Safe” initiative set forth by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA).

Depending on your sponsorship level, you have a specified number of complimentary registrations, which can be allocated to representatives of your company. You will be prompted to enter their names as additional registrants. Select "Add Included Sponsor Rep" - (your sponsor level) from the drop-down menu.

In addition, you can purchase additional representative registrations at the discounted price of $350 each. Select "Add Paid Additional Sponsor Rep" - (your sponsor level) from the drop-down menu.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Exhibitor cancellations received 60 days or more prior to the conference will receive a refund minus ten percent (10%) of the exhibit fee. No refunds will be given on cancellations received fewer than 60 days before the conference. All cancellation requests must be made in writing to Insider's Forum, 1804 Garnet Avenue, Suite 510, San Diego, CA 92109, or by fax to 858-581-3777.

Register at Partner Level
(Only 1) Includes up to 6 representative registrations. 

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(Maximum of 3) Includes up to 4 representative registrations.

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(Maximum of 4) Includes up to 3 representative registrations.

Register at Sustaining Level
Includes up to 2 representative registrations.


Insider’s Forum, LLC is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment to all participants, including attendees, sponsoring firm representatives, staff, and vendors, at the Insider’s Forum conference and Insider’s Forum related events. We have no tolerance for discrimination, harassment, or bullying in any form at Insider’s Forum related events. Participants are expected to adhere to these principles and respect the rights of others.  

The views expressed by any event attendee, speaker, exhibitor, or sponsor are not necessarily those of the Insider’s Forum, LLC. All attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors are solely responsible for the content of all individual or corporation presentations, marketing collateral, and/or advertising.  

In consideration of being allowed to register for, and participate in the event, I hereby warrant and represent that I am age 18 or above and freely waive, release from liability, assume all risks, and covenant not to sue Insider’s Forum, LLC or its Managing Members, employees, independent contractors, venue, agents, other attendees or volunteers for any expense, loss, damage, personal injury, sickness with COVID-19, or any other illness, including loss of life, disability, property damage, or property theft or actions of any kind that I may hereafter suffer or sustain before, during, or after the event, unless said expense, loss, damage, personal injury, including loss of life, disability, property damage or property theft or actions of any kind is caused by the sole, gross negligence of Insider’s Forum, LLC.  This Liability Waiver and Release is specifically binding upon my heirs and assigns and is knowingly given. 

By attending the event, you acknowledge and agree as follows: (a) Insider’s Forum, LLC may edit and use footage it captures at the event for marketing and promotional activities and for any other lawful purpose in the ordinary course of its business; and (b) due to the prevalence of mobile recording devices in today’s world, Insider’s Forum, LLC disclaims all liability for the capture of your image in any multimedia format by other attendees at the event.

Insider’s Forum, LLC reserves the right to change, amend, add or remove any of the above Terms & Conditions in its sole discretion and without prior notice. If one or more of the conditions outlined in these Terms & Conditions should become invalid, the remaining conditions will continue to be valid and apply. These Terms & Conditions apply to all event participants (attendees, speakers, sponsors, vendors).

Prior to your registration, you must acknowledge and accept the Terms & Conditions contained herein. Should you not wish to accept the Terms & Conditions you should not register. Submission of a registration is regarded as affirmation of your acceptance of all Terms & Conditions.

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