HIFON (High Impact Financial Operations Network)

Have you ever left an operations roundtable wanting more discussion? More interaction? More advice and sharing of best practices?

After attending various workshops and conferences, that was the conclusion of Shaun Kapusinski, Director of Operations at Sequoia Financial Group in Akron, OH.

In 2010, Shaun formed what appears to be the industry’s first study group of operations professionals where the discussion that he and so many others craved, would carry on.


Who Joins HIFON?

HIFON is intended for individuals passionate about driving their firms to become world-class in operational excellence. HIFON’s members consist of individuals in various operations roles (COOs, Directors, Managers, Associates), as well as firm owners and those in compliance and technology roles.

Member Benefits

HIFON runs monthly operations calls sharing best practices through discussions based on the ideas, questions and challenges of its members. They also hold bi-monthly compliance calls.

Through their members-only website HIFON members have access to the following:

  • Discussion Board
  • Jobs Board
  • Vendor webinars
  • Conference discounts
  • Member firm data
  • Shared docs & templates
  • Knowledge Base


What Members Have to Say

“HIFON is raising the operational bar for firms throughout entire financial advisory industry.”

  • Christopher Lion, COO of Barnett Financial

“HIFON has provided me access to -- and an opportunity to collaborate with -- peers on real time topics within a network of industry thought-leaders.”

  • Alison Scherr, COO of Kahler Financial Group

“Coming from a completely different industry, HIFON has been instrumental in my development in the financial services industry.”

  • Barrett Karvis, COO of Edge Capital Partners

If You Ask Us...

"I know that the Operations personnel from many of the best managed advisory businesses in the country are members of the HIFON study group for Operations professionals. Imagine being able to leverage your business efficiencies and results using the combined resources and best thinking of nearly 150 other top firms!”

  • Jean Sinclair

“Membership in HIFON is your best chance to stay on top of all the best practices, software innovations and practical money/labor-saving advances in that all-important operations side of your business.”

  • Bob Veres

How Do I Join?

Simply visit https://hifon.org or contact Shaun Kapusinski at shaun@hifon.org.

Know anyone else who might be interested? Please share this information and encourage them to join.

The views and opinions expressed in this forum are those of Shaun Kapusinski and do not necessarily reflect the view of any of his former, current or future employers.